I offer private sessions via Skype (or Google Hangouts) for those interested in learning how to write and arrange music.

Are you interested in writing your own compositions, pieces, songs, arrangements but are always running into writer's block? Do you want to arrange a cover of a song for your band/students/ensemble but struggle to "make it sound right"? You may have the desire and basic knowledge of how to write music within you already!  I can help you hone your skills and enhance your technique so your music writing can evolve with ease.

Why take private online lessons? 

• You choose what time of the week works best for you and how often you'd like to meet. I'm flexible both in scheduling and in styles, so these lessons would be custom-made to suit your needs and your busy schedule.

• You choose what fee is more convenient for you based on your needs and how often you'd like to meet. We can arrange payment by hour, 1/2 hour, etc. 

• You benefit from my direct input, notes, and tips on how to develop your craft as a composer, in a comfortable and friendly one-on-one setting. 

I specialize in instrumental composition using Sibelius, Finale, and Logic, but I'm versatile with songwriting, arranging, and other forms and genres. There's only two types of music: good and bad. Let's learn how to compose the former!

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