Here are some images from selected films scored by Andrés Soto. For music excerpts visit the MUSIC page.

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¡He Matado a mi Marido!

Dir. by Francisco Lupini (2019)

Score available in Spotify, iTunes, and all other platforms.

BUSCANDO A MARCOS RAMIREZ (Drama, dir. by Ignacio Sanchez) 2017. Shot in Costa Rica.

THE FATHER'S LOVE (Drama, dir. by Sharon Kon) 2014. Shot in NYC.  Available on Netflix.

FAIR TRADE (drama, dir. by Krisztián Nagy) Shot in Abu Dhabi.

MERHABA (Drama, dir. by Lauren Rachel Brady) 2011. Shot in location in Istanbul, Turkey.

YO, LA PEOR DE TODAS (Comedy, dir. by Francisco Lupini) 2014. Shot in NYC.

VISIBLE (Fantasy-Drama, dir. by Max S. Pham) 2013. Shot in Virginia. 

SUFRIR COMO DEDOS QUE NO SANGRAN (Drama, dir. by Francisco Lupini) 2012. Shot in NYC.

EL NIDO VACIO (Comedy, dir. Francisco Lupini) (2012). Shot in NYC.

IF I GIVE MY SOUL (2014) (Documentary, dir. by Andrew Johnson and Ryan Patch) Shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

STATE DEBATE (musical, dir. by Erich Rettstadt, songs by Max Vernon, arranged and orchestrated by Andrés Soto). Shot in Michigan, USA.

FRAGMENTUM (drama, dir. Yiannis Antonnas) 2010. Shot in Cyprus.

KARMA (Animation, dir. by Da Suel Kim)

CHIAROSCURO (Animation, dir. by Lauren Kim)

CITIZEN'S BAND (comedy, dir. by Stephen Wroblesky) Shot in Mass., USA.

NAILAO'S CHOICE (documentary, dir. by Neo Zhang) Shot in Beijing, China.

ASSASSIN'S ASSISTANT (Drama. Dir. by Rebecca Sherwood). Shot in Ohio, USA.